Our Story

When two people meet, they exchange vibes by an eye contact or a handshake. In this fast & flourishing unstoppable world, we want you to pause a little and think about sharing your feelings and emotions. Today, we have infinite means of staying in touch, which, sometimes can become superficial & expressionless.

Whether it’s a birthday or the most wonderful time of the year, feelings can be exchanged by a simple yet elegantly designed ‘The Greet Project’ greeting card.


‘The Greet Project’ aims to bring back the means to revive the culture of creating long-lasting bonds and making beautiful memories.

Our motto is to rewind & renew. We want you to go back to the basics when the emotions & feelings were hand written, beautifully designed & created on greeting cards. Our initiative is to pave a way to help you connect with your friend, family or colleague.


We wish to see a smile on your face.
We hope to add love to your life.
We want to sprinkle a pinch of kindness & warmth on you and your loved one.
Allow us to create happiness, again.

The Greet Project Team
Sprinkle Love & Kindness

The Crew

Manav Tomar

Founder / Director

Ahana Tomar

Creative Director

Miraya Tomar

Creative Stress Buster

Niyati Tomar

Creative Writer